Tax Resolution

What We Do

Atkins & Associates provides tax resolution services for both individuals and businesses that have a tax debt.  There are many different reasons why people get into trouble and our job is to get them out of trouble.  We achieve this by completing an Offer in Compromise for the individual or business and then by settling out the tax debt at a price and pace that can be reasonably affordable.  Each case is unique and different and so are the circumstances.  We take great pride in having a remarkably good track record in helping people out.

What is an Offer in Compromise?

An Offer in Compromise is an Internal Revenue Service program that was put in place to allow qualified individuals to settle out an unpaid tax debt for an amount that is lower than they owe.  For example, if an individual or a business owes $100,000 dollars in taxes but can only afford to pay $15,000 due to their current financial situation, we would go to the negotiations and offer $15,000.  It is important to note that not every person will qualify for the program, and it is never a guarantee that the IRS will settle upon an original offer.  There are cases where the company will go back and forth with the IRS until the amount is agreed upon by all parties.  Atkins & Associates does a great job in looking over the Offer in Compromise forms prior to sending them to the IRS in order to make sure we have a good chance of success.


How long does an Offer in Compromise take?
Once all of the paperwork is completed and sent in, it usually takes from 30 to 120 days.

What if I am currently in a “non-collectable” status?
Even if the IRS is not currently seeking payment the debt is still there.  Interest and penalties are still accruing significantly and we recommend immediate action.

What if I am already on a payment plan?
Even if you are currently paying back and IRS debt, we can help.

Can we stop a current garnishment?
If you are currently being garnished, we can stop the garnishment while the issue is being resolved.

What if I am not currently paying on the tax debt owed?
Time is of the essence in this case as interest and penalties will accumulate.  There are some companies that will put the individual in a “non-collectable” status for a monthly fee, but the debt never goes away.  Atkins & Associates eliminates the debt altogether.

Are there any guarantees the debt will be settled?
Atkins & Associates only takes on cases where we are highly confident we can help.  The IRS, however, has the final say.